Words of Prabeen not just pressed, but that touch and impress!

Khaaye Khaaye
Koi Kyuun
Itnaa Khaaye
Kii Rail Gaadi
Ko naa Chhode;
Saaf naa Kare koi
Saaf bhi ho kitnaa Saaf
Saaf bhi kare
Kitnaa koi
Jitnaa kare
Phirr bhi naa hoi;
Khaa Khaa ke
Kar gaye khokla
Bachana kuchh koi,
Ab cockroaches ko bhi
Daana na mile
Jo woh shayan pe
Apne tangg adaaye
Bed pe apne
Muunh pheraaye
Charrm pe humaare
Apne Muunh lagaaye;
Khaaye Khaaye
Kaise koi
Itnaa Khaaye,
Rail Gaadi ko
Bhi naa Chhode
Kii cockroaches bhi
Humaare niind udaaye…
Khaaye Khaaye
Koi kaise
Itnaa Khaaye?!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati


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