Words of Prabeen not just pressed, but that touch and impress!

Om Namo Ganeshaaya Namo Namah!

Prabeen Pati

Jai GANESHA, Jai Ganesha,
Jaya GANESHA, Jaya Ganesha!!

Mangalamaya Jaya Ganesha,
Vighnaharttaa Jaya Vignesha!
Lambodara Jaya Ganesha,
Mahodara Jaya Ganesha!
Piitaa-Maataa Jaya Ganesha,
Sakhaa-Sakhii Jaya Ganesha!
Bakratunda Jaya Ganesha,
Mahaakaaya Jaya Ganesha!
Laddutura Jaya Ganesha,
Mahaatura Jaya Ganesha!
Buddhhimattaa Jaya Ganesha,
Mahaachatura Jaya Ganesha!
Shaanta nirmala Jaya Ganesha,
Krodhanaashaka Jaya Ganesha!
Uchchaakaanksya Jaya Ganesha,
Vinaayaka Jaya Ganesha,
Ganapati Jaya Ganesha,
Saadhaka Sidhha Jaya Ganesha!!

Guru Trideba Jaya Ganesha,
Vishwabyaapii Jaya Ganesha!
Uchchabhavna Jaya Ganesha,
Vishwavijayii Jaya Ganesha!
Udaarahrudaya Jaya Ganesha,
Sarbatyaagii Jaya Ganesha!
Maatrunistha Jaya Ganesha,
Aagyaankaarii Jaya Ganesha!
Achala Atala Jaya Ganesha,
Pavitra Nirmala Jaya Ganesha!
Kartabyanistha Jaya Ganesha,
Drudhastambha Jaya Ganesha!
Mahaamuni Jaya Gaensha,
Debaadi Debo Jaya Ganesha!!

Uchchakotii Jaya Ganesha,
Tettishkotii Jaya Ganesha,
Sarbakotii Jaya Ganesha!!

Mahaaruupii Jaya Ganesha,
Sarbaruupii Jaya Ganesha,
Hai Sarbaruupa Mahaa Ganesha!!

Debo Debo Mahaa Debo
Sarbaansha Mahaa Ganesha!
Sarbagyaanii Mahaa Ganesha,
Sarbagunii Mahaa Ganesha!
Vidyaadaataa Mahaa Ganesha,
Harttaakarttaa Mahaa Ganesha,
Dieu Aashisa…

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