Words of Prabeen not just pressed, but that touch and impress!


Welcome to the unique World of Bloggy PRABEEN PATI, the world you may also call the BlogVerse of Prabeen!
360 degrees of creativity, innovation full of new unique thoughts, ideas!
Point of view, comments etc!
Mantras, Guru Mantras!
Enjoy the ride of your honest Author towards truly Readers’ pleasure!

It’s not the author’s full-time nor a part-time job. It’s purely the author’s own interest and passion.
Into Information Technology / Software Engineering by profession,
the author, a B.Tech.(Information Technology), his wide and extensive experience for years and on.
Thoughts, ideas, creativity, innovation, critical analysis, poetry, composition, writing slogans, acting have come naturally to the author since childhood and even earlier!
His life, love and passion!

Now, the Bragging Rights! Well, then it has got to be that way, right!
A complete artist!
Recognitions: Yes! Started participation at the competitive levels around the age of 9 years. Prizes, awards, certificates, appreciation have come throughout at various levels; the author has accepted them as gracefully and humbly as ever. Many in mainly acting, drama, mono-action, debate, speech, essay, poetry, composition, sloganeering, short stories/fictions, art/sketching/painting, quiz etc at various levels including National level! Recognized at National Drama; a President (Rashtrapati) Scout; Junior Red Cross, Red Cross Society; A National winner; certified Hindi scholar from Wardha; certified in Indian classical music from Utkal; Scholarship winner; Winner at Children’s Science Congress, Science Exhibition and many more apart from Studies/Education.
But the drive has been the author’s self-motivation and enriched through the love of the audience.
Winning one’s own and other’s hearts!

Statutory: Any sharing or reproduction of any material posted by this author must be acknowledged and given due credits. Commercialization of any material present here must be with the author’s full knowledge, prior approval and due compensation, open to active direct participation. Appreciating your honest comments, suggestions, feed-backs.

— Prabeen Kumar Pati
(the AUTHOR)
BlogVerse of Prabeen (it’s evolving!)


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