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Ek hai Mohabbat, iik hai Jawaanii!

Ek hai Mohabbat,
iik hai Jawaanii!
Dono miley toh
Bantii Prem Kaahaanii!
Ruuh se Ruuh
Jab yeh miley toh
Bantii hai Sachchii Rabbaanii!!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Kyaa Sachchaa kyaa Jhuuthhaa!

Pyaar teraa hai Jhuuthhaa,
Tu toh hai Jhuuthhii!
Bas Rabb hai Sachchaa,
Baakii sabb Jhuuthhaa!
Maa tu hai Jhuuthiii,
Jhuuthhii terii Mamataa!
Yaaraa bhii tu toh Jhuuthhaa,
Kaisii hai terii Yaarii!
Tu kaisii Diiwaanii,
Main kaisaa Diiwaanaa!
Kaisii hai yah Khuudaaii,
Kaisii yah Judaaii!
Kaisaa hai yah ghuuhssaa,
Kaisii yah ruusswaaii!
Kaun hai baighaanaa,
Kaun hai baighaanii!
Kaun hai paraaii,
Kaun hai paraayaa!
Kaun hai apnaa,
Kaun hai apnii!
Kaun boley yahaan sachchaa,
Kyaa hai Kaahaanii!
Kaisii hai Zindagii,
Kaisii yah Zindagaanii!
Kyaa Khattaa kyaa Mithaa,
Kyaa Sachchaa kyaa Jhuuthhaa!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Sainyaan…Sainyaan … A tribute to the outstanding composition sung by Kailash Kher

Sainyaan…Sainyaan … A tribute to the outstanding composition sung by Kailash Kher

Sainyaan…hiire moti main na chahoon…main to chahoon sangam tera…Sainyaan…
Aaj mann mein gun gunate hue (came to my mind just like that), mujhe naturally iss gaane ka mere andaaz wala composition aagaya. I have prepared the raw prototype with my own vocal-only tunes. Once ready in a presentable format, will upload it.

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