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What’s in a Name?!? ‘Bengaluru’!?! The curious case (name) of ‘Bengaluru’ <- Bangalore

What’s in a name?!?
The curious case of ‘Bengaluru’ <- Bangalore.
While ‘Chennai’ and ‘Mumbai’ – formerly British-time names ‘Madras’ and ‘Bombay’ respectively, in fact state names. Bengaluru – late established – later than Madras and Bombay. Mysore / Mysuru used to be the state and so the capital. (change in names) were in vogue fast enough, Bangalore to Bengaluru has not been just yet…
(to put more facts and observation)
~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

#Dangal #Dangal! Sab #Mangal!

#Dangal #Dangal! InI: Interesting n Intriguing! #AK (bhai, #AamirKhan, haan a #Khaaaan! baba #Khan!) becomes #Hero to #Zero and then back as #Hero – #DeshDrohii to #Dangal (synonymous with highest grossing super dooper hit movie).
#Stupid (and a disgrace) remark (what a wife! WAW!) made him a national talk point of hypocrisy, intolerance in a live interaction (a #trap). And then a scripted acting / dialog aka a movie made him a national hero! (By the whole sudden #intolerance debate media wide was all drama and malicious.)
I didn’t notice any call for ban for his movie though.

Everybody almost who has watched the #Dangal movie is really suggesting to go for it (watch the movie)…

#Business #Politics #Media
Sab #MANGAL ho!
#NoDeal (#SnapDeal) to #BigDeal!

Oh bhaiyaa, ek tho #PAAN denaa usko. thuke gaa to bhii #Aamir thodii naa #ad script ke through #AtithiDeboBhabah aka #IndianTourism (#SwachhBhaarat!) kaa #vbigyaapan de paayega. dariyegaa nahiin… thukte jaao.

sab #Maayaa, o’ re bade Bhaiyaa!


(Tum sab) #Dog, jiskaa naam #Shahrukh hai. (Arey #AK saab hii boley thae naa!)

ballle, balle!  Halla Bol!

Jii, #MayaMamSaab! 😉


~ Prabeen Kumar Pati



Chakaa Aakhi Sabu dekhuchi! Tryst with Indian Happy New Year 2017! #S3

Chakaa Aakhi Sabu dekhuchi! (rather not that sounding English translation: round eyes of Lord Jagannath observing it all!)
31 December 2016 address to the nation by #PM Narendra Modi::
A calm PM with a different speech delivery (tone n flow).
But I liked the Orientation / Stage-set for the PM as well.
Two eyes (chakras) (background, Tirangaa, giving a colorful impression for Lord Jagannath!), n nose (Satyameva Jayate emblem) (front), overall attire n set.
1. Mostly Cash n Demonetisation
2. theme: #SaShaktiKaran
3. #PradhaanMantriiAavaasYojanaa
4. #GoRural #BeHome: 4% discounted rate for loan up to 12 lakhs rupees
5. #CreditGuarantee for #SmallScaleIndustries
6. Promise(!)/ Provision of/for lower lending rates
7. #GarvvatiMahilaaYojana for pregnant women
8. #SeniorCitizensProgramme – consistent deposit rate for upto rupees 7.5lakhs deposit.
9. PM’s ask to the politicians and political parties to respect the Honest Citizens
10. And last but not the list gadaadhaarii #BHIM! 🙂 Dus! bhai Bas!
and if you wondered, #Modijii‘s pitch was lower than usual, and sober; he suddenly raises his pitch and tone and waves it out.
and #SatyaaGrah gyaan. #SampurnSaphaltaa kii Guarantee.
#SaadhanSansaadhan and #Saamarthya
(oops, Techies! not that AWS S3 cloud storage to store the themes and speech as object(s)!)
#NavVarsh2017 kii shubh-kaamnaayein. Jai Hind!
Jay Jagannath!
~ Prabeen Kumar Pati


Kaaverii’ko LeKarr Duurii;

Kaaverii’kii Kamii Khaltii Rahii

Parr Kab hogii Kaaverii’kii Mannat Purii!?
Kis’kii hai Kaaverii?

Kaaverii Ne Toh Saagar’tak Karlii Apnii Safar Purii

Phir bhii rahii yah Safar Adhuri…


Huii naa Logon Ke Beech

Woh Duuri Kabhii Purii…


Kaaverii Kii Kahaani Adhuri…


~ Prabeen Kumar Pati


Ae Kashmir!

Bujhi ko Raakh kahte hain,

Jalan ko Aag kahte hain.

Safed pe chhint pad-jaaye

usey Daag kahte hain,

Jahaan khauf ya aatank ho (aae)

usey na-Paak kahte hain…

(Jiskaa KASHMIR hai,

Usko Bhaarat (India) kahte hain…

Kashmir Hindustan kaa hai

yah Haqiqat hai.)

issmein (Kashmir’mein) phoont daalne ya

isey barvaad karne kii koshiish ko

Zuurrat o Himaaqat kahte hain.

Aisaa koii Kaum nahiin,
Jo Khauf kii waqaalat karey,

Mahobbat ho,

Aman kii guzaarish o ibaadat ho,

Aman kii hi pahal ho.

Taraqqii kii guzaariish, koshiish, mohim (barqarraar) ho.

Khushyaalii ho.

Aman kaa hii Jashn ho.

Iraadein naek aur bulond ho,

bas kaushiish hi nahiin, amal bhi ho.


kisikii  behkaawe mein aaye toh

usey bewaqoofi yaa bagaawat kahte hain,

Jahaan Aman o Shaanti ho

usey hii toh JANNAT kahte hain…

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Chalat rahe hum..

Chalat rahe hum...

The Kashmir Floods 2014 – the real J&K!

#KashmirFloods the real J (Jannat / notion of Paradise) and K (Catastrophe) of #nature / #TheHimalayas .
Yah Kashmir hai (Kitnii Khhuubsuurat hai… the famous bollywood Hindii movie Bemisaal song)… yaa hai Khudaa kaa Qahar!
Kashmir Valley may not be seen/interpreted as before!?
only the perception of the humans – so what’s the fight for?

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

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