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#BuddhaPuurnimaa: Gautama!

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1. #Budhvaar  hai, #BuddhaPuurnimaa hai!

(Budhvaar = Wednesday)

2. Move on from #BaahuBal, #Buddhi n #Bodhi r the real bal!



3. Be a Buddha, not at the age of #Buddhaa though. (Hope some know the difference between Buddha and Buddhaa (old-man)!)

Start early.

4. Hope no more not-owned/not-original quotes in the name of the Great Buddha!


Buddham Sharanam Gacchhaami |

Dhammam Sharanam Gacchhaami |

(Shangham Sharanam Gacchhaami)


JoGayaa, soGayaa…


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~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

(picture credits separate.)

I Wanna You to Be Happy

I wanna u 2 b Happy! The Happy Campaign starts

I wanna you to be Happy.

I wanna you to be Happy.

Happy. Happy.

Happy. Happy.

I wanna you to be Happy… and the Happy Campaign starts.

My Original all-round composition. As-Is. Preview / Draft / Beta version.

I Wanna U 2 Be Happy…
The theme for the Happy Campaign.

Bring Smiles, Bring Happiness.
Spread Smiles, spread Happiness.

Wish u all d Happiness…


Say Thanks – ThanksGiving

Happy #ThanksGiving!
#SayThanks to #creativity.
#SayThanks to #smiling though in #poverty or #adversity or #prosperity.
#SayThanks to the #harvest
of #foodgrains. #Life. #smiles.
Happy #thanksgiving!
Let’s #givehappiness #givepositivity #givesmiles
to/for ourselves and others… 🙂
#GiveAMoment for yourself.
Let’s #give (our all) back to the #life.
And #give (spare) a thought for the #turkey!
#SayThanks to the #Almighty.
#ThanksWithSmiles go miles…
~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Chalat rahe hum..

Chalat rahe hum...

Jai GANESHA, Jai Ganesha, Jaya GANESHA, Jaya Ganesha!!

#Om #Namo #Ganeshaaya #Namo #Namah!
Happy Shubh #GaneshaChaturthi, #GaneshaPuujaa, #VinaayakaChaturthi!
#Ganapati #Bappaa #Morya!
Jai GANESHA, Jai Ganesha, Jaya GANESHA, Jaya Ganesha!!.

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Holi – khel to hai rangon’ gulaal’ kaa!

Mere ghar mein diyaa bujhaa’ke yah hasne waalon,
apne ghar mein shamaa roshan karne waalon,
Mere jiivban se rangg udaake,berang karke
apne ghar ko rangiin karne waalon,
ussi rang se holi khelne waalon,
mere’se hii paani apne ghar mein
nirantar upyog karne waalon,
bin paani mujhe rakhne waalon,
holi kii pichkari mein rang-paani bharne waalon,
bas nasht karke, todd-phodd karke naa jodne waalon,
itne baahaano se bharkam yah bhaari bharkam waalon,
khuudke ghar (khidkii) sheeshe’ke hain,
parr mere ghar’ke sheeshe todne’ke iraade rakhne waalon;
kab tak aise jiyoge, (jo gaddha-khaai mere liye khodaa’tha,)
ussi gaddhe, khaai mein to kabhie naa kabhi giroge,
phirr inhii yaadon se ghirke, tadpoge,
phirr khuud’se hii kaese bachoge?

Kal karenge kal karenge kahne waalon,
aap’ka to kal aaye na aaye,
kal to zaroor ayegaa;
Khilaadii jo aaj baney ho,
kal to ussi khel mein khuud hi shikaar ho jaoge…

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati


Celebrating the real Dusshera / VijayaDashamii

‘Celebrating Dusshera is celebrating the victory of GOOD over evil devil!’
‘So when would we control and kill those invisible multifaceted / multi-headed RAAVANA(s) inside of us?
And the AVATAAR is also inside us, let’s make that AVATAAR expressed and in work!
When will we have the real VIJAYA-DASHAMII – victory of GOOD over Evil Devil?’


So by this time, all the RAAM-LIILAA and RAABANA-PODI would have been big time over!

I recall, with the sound of pathakas, crackers, rockets, the big tall RAAVANA would be arrow-targeted perfectly purportedly from RAAM‘s bow – it was all fun, good-will gesture, the festivity!

Celebrating Dusshera is celebrating the victory of GOOD over evil devil!

But I feel how lucky even Lord RAAM and others were! The so-called devil Braahmana-Raakshas RAAVANA was ten-headed! So if one went off, the other could be targeted and so on until the last / main one was done with, and RAAVANA was killed! At least those heads were getting visible one by one or so!

But the (human) devils today have so many invisible, disguising and deceiving faces! They come in form of close relations, friends, or any body in the society or crowd! And enjoy their act of DEVILRY!

But the KALYUG (modern-age) devils (the majority humans) must realize even the so-called Raakshas / devil RAAVANA was doing some good to / for his kindgdom Lanka, his place, his people! It was Swarna Lanka! And at least he also had some principles, followed tapasyaa to appease the Gods and get Vardaan! He was wise, learned; even he believed in the KARMA, but couldn’t help his own nature! Every devil had its end though, so was his. And the downfall is written through a misdeed. The misdeed and contention of RAAVANA was with respect to devii SITAA! And there was Lord RAAM to return the KARMA and mark the DESTINY!

With so many far dangerous than RAAVANAs these days, how many so called AVATAARs we would need and depend on! These modern-days RAAVANAs don’t even spare their own places / land / people! This modern-RAAVANA‘s desires don’t end with a naarii (woman) or prosperity, wealth! It wants any thing and everything! The wealth is misunderstood and has a new name – MONEY though! Lust and desires have new forms apart from women, rather to say more than any married women! Wine / Alcohol is not the only Vilaasa (aristocracy); it’s more than that – drugs, and/or any addiction! It’s just never-ending! Knowledge and wisdom are scarce!

The reality is the devil is within us! Some control it (SANYAM / self-control) and many enjoy relishing and expressing it and making it in work! As it goes, it’s their very nature!

“So when would we control and kill those invisible multifaceted / multi-headed RAAVANA(s) inside of us?

And the AVATAAR is also inside us, let’s make that AVATAAR expressed and in work!”

When will we have the real VIJAYA-DASHAMIIvictory of GOOD over Evil Devil?

A Food for Thought for each of us!



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