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Eiye Dost

Eiye Dost tu mere saath rahe,
har dum aisi baat rahe,
har pal kuch khaas rahe,
mere hathon mein tera haat rahe,
aisi shougat rahe,
kisi bhi ruup mein rahe,
Jeevan bhar tu mere saath rahe!
~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

The Market’s true appeal! Happy Friendship Day!

Market to the world: I may tank, but plz don’t dump me like ur girlfriend or boyfriend! Though I may be ur intended friend of benefit, but I m the true friend, will not disappoint u! Think long term! U keep up with me in my bad times, I will, without any condition, make u wealthier, not just rich, even in your bad times, and enrich your good times; this is the promise I have kept ever!
Happy Friendship Day!
~ Prabeen Kumar Pati


Friendz forever… Happy Friendship Day, d first Sunday of August! Nobody can force friendship. One chooses/makes his/her friends, true freedom! A toast to true friendship!
~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

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