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ChaiOrCoffeePeCharchaa:: WhatTheNews 16.02.2018: What’sYourTake, Tech*!?

ChaiOrCoffeePeCharcha: 16.02.2018 / 02.16.2018

WhatATech! Beyond “Apps&Arch. Bugs. Code. Design.”

Plan & Discuss! Meet & do ChaiOrCoffeePeCharchaa… What’s Your Take!?


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  1. Where’s Fraud Detection & Prevention? PNB Bank Fraud of Billions by Nirav Deepak Modi (NDM) of Gitanjali Gems. FDI! First, focus on & execute FDP (Fraud Detection & Prevention)Fraud_DetectionPrevention.png
  2. Banking on Banks!

    Surname with “M” again! No Silence Please!

    The Jewel/Dmd/Gem that wasn’t! Bullion 2 Billions! &Flee!

    (Nirav meaning Silent.)  The Art of Fraud, Default & Fleeing!Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 12.41.16 PM


  3. Florida Shooting & the self-inflicted Gun Plague in the United States of America. Mental State & Depression! Turbulent Past! What about the ‘life-long’ trauma sustained the school students? Gun be banned in School premises & around. Gun Detector & Alarm required upon entry/exit.Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 4.40.33 PM.png
  4. Cauvery-Verdict (River Water Sharing) by the Supreme Court. Some respite for Karnataka & saviour for Bengaluru – currently 2nd in the list of Cities of the World endangered with most acute shortage of water and facing drought (as per UN-backed study & BBC). Some Ground reality as well. KA.TN.collage_Kaveri
  5. Walmart adds Flipkart to its Shopping Cart!

    When CheckOut!? Buy at Stake 40%!

    (C)art of Deals!Walmart_buy_some_Flipkart.png

  6. Pay to Pay What’s Up!?

    Wallets at War!

    Paytm flags reports WhatsApp.

    End 2 End! Msg! Decrypted E2E. No Spam Not! Admin!? P2P

    TradeMark style.Paytm_vs_WhatsApp_paymentUPI_regs


& of course Cricket. ANZ Series: NZ v AUS T20I record win for Australia. SA v IND 6th  & final Momentum ODI

~ Prabeen – the Thinking & Discussing Head

(Prabeen Kumar Pati)



Kaaverii’ko LeKarr Duurii;

Kaaverii’kii Kamii Khaltii Rahii

Parr Kab hogii Kaaverii’kii Mannat Purii!?
Kis’kii hai Kaaverii?

Kaaverii Ne Toh Saagar’tak Karlii Apnii Safar Purii

Phir bhii rahii yah Safar Adhuri…


Huii naa Logon Ke Beech

Woh Duuri Kabhii Purii…


Kaaverii Kii Kahaani Adhuri…


~ Prabeen Kumar Pati


Ae Kashmir!

Bujhi ko Raakh kahte hain,

Jalan ko Aag kahte hain.

Safed pe chhint pad-jaaye

usey Daag kahte hain,

Jahaan khauf ya aatank ho (aae)

usey na-Paak kahte hain…

(Jiskaa KASHMIR hai,

Usko Bhaarat (India) kahte hain…

Kashmir Hindustan kaa hai

yah Haqiqat hai.)

issmein (Kashmir’mein) phoont daalne ya

isey barvaad karne kii koshiish ko

Zuurrat o Himaaqat kahte hain.

Aisaa koii Kaum nahiin,
Jo Khauf kii waqaalat karey,

Mahobbat ho,

Aman kii guzaarish o ibaadat ho,

Aman kii hi pahal ho.

Taraqqii kii guzaariish, koshiish, mohim (barqarraar) ho.

Khushyaalii ho.

Aman kaa hii Jashn ho.

Iraadein naek aur bulond ho,

bas kaushiish hi nahiin, amal bhi ho.


kisikii  behkaawe mein aaye toh

usey bewaqoofi yaa bagaawat kahte hain,

Jahaan Aman o Shaanti ho

usey hii toh JANNAT kahte hain…

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Merry Christmas!

It’s the Eve! Merry Christmas!

Prabeen Pati

It’s the Christmas Eve and still Eric is busy, in fact, lost in fixing his next big thing in Telecommunications. He has been working relentlessly more than passionately to make it on the floor, I mean his next breakthrough technology. But he has just been missing something to rock it and roll on. He has been so lost and out of touch with his own life, his family – the world that matters to him the most.
As Ena (Eric‘s wife) has been carrying and almost all alone taking care of their baby who is about to come out to this lively world! As the the doctor’s team are putting their best efforts to make it all smooth for Ena and the baby, Ena has been obviously missing Eric by her side for a long long time. In fact, Eric has even forgotten all that he…

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AvP CLT20 2011!

Tonight #MI have been ousted of #CLT20 2014. Would it be All-Indian (#IPL) teams dramatic high voltage final this time like 2011(really high) , 2013 editions? At least one IPL team into the final like 2010, likely?!
Well, #CLT20 2009 and 2012 editions were without any #IPL team in the final, so next is 2015 for the dry one, not this time #CLT20 2014!
Long way to go – #KKR, #KXI, #CSK!
Cheers!!! 🙂

Prabeen Pati

Vira’RA RA Re O, GAYLE le la la le O! Bluru ru RA la LEO!
M Virat Gayle Leo Chinnaswamy S Bengaluru!
Chinnaswamy to Chidambaram, Chepauk!
It has all C, C for Chris, C for Challengers!
C for Champions!
Ravi Shastri: Virat Gayle Evening Ladies and Gentlemen! Wanakkam C…Chennai (this time as the final site, final destination); Whistle Podu! Mind’it!

V it has all got printed, V for Virat, V for We, We for TEAM, led by V, V for Vettori, V for Victory!

(Deepika style) Oops, V for Vijay, too!
(somewhere in the stands the not so young Prince of the RK group of Families: Terii toh Taaen Taaen PFisshh!
Camera rolls towards Siddhu aka Siddharth Mallya)
(Katrina style as a cheer leader) M For Maal..sorry sorry sorry…Mallya?!
Vijay Mallya:The name is Mallya…

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Chalat rahe hum..

Prabeen Pati

Shaans se aagey
Chalat rahe hum;
Khuud se to aagey
Chalat rahe hum;
Asugam path mein
Chalat rahe hum;
Desh’ke raksak hum,
Desh’kii raksaa’ke liye,
Jiivban ko apne,
Jiivban ko apne
Girvii rakh kar
Chalat rahe hum;
Abichalit ab
Chalat rahe hum;
Nishchint ab
Chalat rahe hum;
Nischit ab
Chalat rahe hum!
Hum hain Siimaa’ke raksak,
Hum hain is’ke Chowkiidaar,
Nayan ko apne
Thakne naa de hum;
Sang ab to
Chalat rahe hum!
Shaans se aagey
Chalat rahe hum;
Khuud se to aagey
Chalat rahe hum!
Chalat rahe hum,
Chalat rahe hum,
Chalat rahe hum!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

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Holi Re!

Holi Re! Aayii Holi hai!

Prabeen Pati

My Original all round composition including lyrics as always. As is. Preview/ Draft/ Beta.::
Holi re… Holi aai re,
(ho ho)
Holi re… Holi aai re!
(ho ho)
Rang chadhaake khelo,
Pyaar’se/Prem’se tum khelo,
Mann lagaake khelo,
Par dhyaan lagaake khelo!
Pyaar chadhaake khelo,
Thodaa bhaang chadhaake khelo,
Rango mein khelo,
Mastii mein holo!
(Naen ladaake khelo,
Zaraa dekhke tum khelo,
Zaraa break lagaake khelo!)

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

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