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NO BYE for.. (something to die for)

In real pure TRUE LOVE, there’s never any BYE. They don’t say bye to each other ever.
Here is my original as-is video song link::




My Original all-round Composition. As-Is. Spl Preview/Draft. Hindii. Videos.


Tumm to nahiin aatii ho,
Aaatii hain Terii Yaaden,
Yaad aatii hain Terii Saari Baaten.
Humaaraa (woh) milnaa,
Lamhon kaa tham-jaanaa.
Woh Lamhen,
Woh Baaten,
Woh Muulaaqaaten,
Woh Shaam,
Woh Raaten.

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Yuun hai banaa… Jahaan-Panaa!

O My Jahaan-Panaa! Here’s the As-is Preview of my Original all-round Composition::

Yuun hai banaa,
Yuun hai banaa,
O mere Jahaan-Panaa!
Muushkileyn to aatii jaatii rahtii hain,
Par thaknaa manaa,
Ruuknaa manaa,
Thaknaa manaa,
Ruuknaa manaa!
Yuun hai banaa,
Yuun hai banaa,
O mere Jahaan-Panaa!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Yah Ladkaa tujhko chahtaaa hai

My Original all round composition. As is. Preview/Draft/Beta.
Yah Ladkaa tujhko
Chahtaa hai,
Tujhpe yah
Mar mit-taa hai,
Kuchh to hai,
Kuchh to hai,
Kuchh’se baddhkar
Kuchh to hai…
~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Holi Re!

My Original all round composition including lyrics as always. As is. Preview/ Draft/ Beta.::
Holi re… Holi aai re,
(ho ho)
Holi re… Holi aai re!
(ho ho)
Rang chadhaake khelo,
Pyaar’se/Prem’se tum khelo,
Mann lagaake khelo,
Par dhyaan lagaake khelo!
Pyaar chadhaake khelo,
Thodaa bhaang chadhaake khelo,
Rango mein khelo,
Mastii mein holo!
(Naen ladaake khelo,
Zaraa dekhke tum khelo,
Zaraa break lagaake khelo!)

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Tuney to meraa (din hai churaayaa)

My Original all round composition. As is. Preview/draft. Hindii.
Tuney to meraa
Din hai churaayaa,
Aur raaten bhii;
Tuney to meraa
Dil hai churaayaa,
Dhadkanen saath bhii;
(tuney jo dil yah churaayaa,
Aur dhadkan bhii…)
Tuney to mere
Sapne churaaye,
(aur) Saath niinden bhii,
Aankhon se niinden bhii…

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati


My Original all round composition. Hindii. Preview/Draft. A soft n short one.
Dikhey hain
ien andheron mein
do tim timaate;
Yah to lagey
Taare, Chamakte Taare
Gardish mein…

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

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