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My Original all-round composition. As-Is, Preview / Draft version. Hindii.
Terii Aankhen
Mujh se
Kuchh yah boltii hain!
Man’ko mere
Ranjit karte
Mujhse baatein
Kartii hain!
Man’kaa chaddar
Tan’pe odhey
Suundar ruup
Darashaatii ho!


My Original all round composition (including the lyrics of course). Hindii+English. Preview. As is. ::
Mann mein umanng hai,
Dil mein tarang hai,
Tumse yah boley
Hello, Hello, Hello!
Tum bhii kuchh bolo.
Yah jo hai hastii,
Thodii sii mastii;

Wow! That’s so Romantic!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Yah Ladkaa tujhko chahtaaa hai

My Original all round composition. As is. Preview/Draft/Beta.
Yah Ladkaa tujhko
Chahtaa hai,
Tujhpe yah
Mar mit-taa hai,
Kuchh to hai,
Kuchh to hai,
Kuchh’se baddhkar
Kuchh to hai…
~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Tuney to meraa (din hai churaayaa)

My Original all round composition. As is. Preview/draft. Hindii.
Tuney to meraa
Din hai churaayaa,
Aur raaten bhii;
Tuney to meraa
Dil hai churaayaa,
Dhadkanen saath bhii;
(tuney jo dil yah churaayaa,
Aur dhadkan bhii…)
Tuney to mere
Sapne churaaye,
(aur) Saath niinden bhii,
Aankhon se niinden bhii…

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati


My Original all round composition. Hindii. Preview/Draft. A soft n short one.
Dikhey hain
ien andheron mein
do tim timaate;
Yah to lagey
Taare, Chamakte Taare
Gardish mein…

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Aaankhon hii Aankhon mein… Hotii hain.. Preview Part 2

while I bring out the full single version(s) here is d (sneak) peek into d composition I was doing casually/afresh. Say YouTube video Preview part2 (though not really intended initially):

Aankhon hii Aankhon mein,
Baaton hii Baaton mein
Hotii hai, Hotii hain…

Aaankhen to tim tim kartii hain,
Kkhahyaalon mein kho jaatii hain!

Aankhon ne aankhon se
kyaa yah churaaye hain;
Aaankhon ne guuzare hain,
Jaane kitne zammaane hain!

Aankhon kii namii hai,
Honthon kii jo yah narmii hai,
Shaanso kii yah jo garmii hai,
Ismein to yah samaaye hain,
Shabdo mein par yah uuljhe hain!
Dekho yah kaese khoye hain!

Satrangii Aankhon mein
Rangiin sapane chhalakte hain!

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

Woh Kkhahyaalon kii Raanii, Maein Sapnon kaa Raajaa

Woh Kkhahyaalon kii Raanii,
Maein Sapnon kaa Raajaa…

Haqiqat mein milnaa thaa,
Humko to bas milnaa thaa,
Haqiiqatse milnaa thaa,
Yah Milan to honaa thaa.

Humko baseraa karnaa thaa,
Humko to bas milnaa thaa,
Yah to bas likhnaa thaa,
Yah sab to honaa thaa,
Yah sab to ghatnaa thaa,
Yah Milan to honaa thaa.

YouTube video link to this original composition of mine:
my YouTube video

~ Prabeen Kumar Pati

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